Company history

The Company was established in 1987.
We are an experienced partner for numerous international companies and corporations which appreciate our professional attitude and employ our company as a Resident Engineer, Contract Engineer or the Managing Contractor operating on behalf of and under authorisation of the Investor.

Our experience in investment project management comprises our long-standing professional experience in construction supervision.
This experience is shared by all the Shareholders managing the MVT  MULTIINVESTMENT S.A. company, who since 1987 have undertaken a multitude of investment projects in cooperation with a group of independent entrepreneurs.

As professionals, we pay attention to the quality and timelines of the undertaken projects.
We have successfully undertaken and commissioned investment projects of the overall area exceeding 3,000,000 m².

comprehensive services and assistance for investors constructing all kinds of building structures, particularly in the following fields:

1. Resident Engineer’s duties and tasks;

2. Managing Contractor’s tasks;

3. Construction-installation reviews for the Classification of Types of Constructions (KOB) purposes;

4. Selection of contractors;

5. Conducting building investigations to verify used materials and investment project’s costs;

6. Analysis of Investor’s acceptance and as-built documentation for completed investment projects;

7. Comprehensive property reviews with a view to its purchase by the Investor.

We are a partner:

phone: 42 680 08 81 mail:
93-480 Łódź, ul. Zenitowa 9
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