Company profile
MVT MULTIINVESTMENT S.A. is one of the leading companies operating in the field of investor’s construction supervision services on the Łódź market. Its main profile of activity includes comprehensive services for Investors constructing building structures of any kind.

Taking into account the company’s status evolution during the last few years of its operation, our aim has been to enhance the quality of our services and regularly extend our offer.

MVT MULTIINVESTMENT S.A. field of operation:

1) Fulfilling the Resident Engineer’s duties and tasks;

2) Fulfilling the Contract Engineer’s tasks;

3) Fulfilling the Managing Contractor’s tasks;

4) Conducting construction-installation reviews for the Classification of Types of Constructions (KOB) purposes;

5) Selection of Contractors;

6) Conducting building investigations to verify used materials, investment project’s costs and compliance with the terms and conditions of a contract;

7) Analysis of Investor’s acceptance and as-built documentation for completed investment projects ;

8) Comprehensive property reviews with a view to
its purchase by the Investor;

9) Legalisation of unlawful building work

We are a partner:

phone: 42 680 08 81 mail:
93-480 Łódź, ul. Zenitowa 9
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