Development Strategy

The fact that MVT MULTIINVESTMENT S.A. is the only company on the Łódź market with such a high legal status makes it necessary for the Company to continuously develop and launch new services.

An extremely important element resulting in the Company’s continuous development is launching new services and improving the existing duties and standards belonging to MVT MULTIINVESTMENT S.A.

The aim of improving the existing services is to introduce innovative methods of implementing specific activities.

Our Company offers an extremely effective product, namely construction reviews elaborated in a form of photo reports providing a detailed analysis of building structures. 

This method makes it possible to clearly and visibly recreate the details of such a review, even after many years. Our efforts have been awarded with two gold medals by the Office of the Committee for European Integration and the Business Centre Club. Another outcome of our work is the completion of numerous construction investment projects. 

Another activity which contributes to the Company’s development and casts new light on our performance is employing young and qualified people whose passion is the construction industry. It ensures both reliability and a fresh outlook related to our performance.

Factors influencing the Company’s development:

1) Constant extension of our product range

2) Support for local sports and cultural initiatives

3) Consistent building of the socially responsible company image

4) Attention to product quality and innovativeness

5) Participation in numerous campaigns providing support for those in need

6) Care for the natural environment

We are a partner:

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