Resident Engineer

Fulfilment of Resident Engineer’s duties and tasks:

- one person, through their Representative having (legally required) full-range qualifications;

- for more complex investment projects – a group of construction site inspectors having qualifications in individual fields

Control and supervision over the project implementation:

  • within the general building and construction scope;
  • sanitary, heating, ventilation and mechanical networks and installations;
  • electric installations;
  • roadworks

and full-range operation in the following fields:

  • design;
  • investment counselling;
  •  legal counselling;
  • financial counselling
MVT MULTIINVESTMENT S.A. representatives have the obligatory civil liability insurance related to the Resident Engineer’s function.

The company guarantees that all its Shareholders, Management Board, Employees and employed Contractors and Partners implement the Ethical Conduct Clauses.

They are always obliged to keep trade secrets confidential within the scope of broadly defined Client’s interests they have been informed about during the Contract implementation stage.

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